IT Software Support Services -

We can support your IT infrastucture anytime, anywhere.

Software Support Services from Thorogood Software

Looking after our clients, it's what we do best. We have invested in an industry leading remote access tool called LogMeIn Rescue to remotely connect to clients' computers to solve system support issues, training or software deployment. The tool has transformed the level of service that we can offer to all our clients and more importantly our customers are happy about what we can do and the simplicity of the operation from their point of view.

We pay special attention to building long-term business relationships with our clients. Some of our current clients have been using us for over a decade and this underlines the satisfaction that our customers have with the range and quality of services and support we offer.

You won't find our office telephone lines closed at 5:00 pm, our UK based project leaders and support technicians are available until 8:00 pm as standard (24/7 support can be provided if required). We offer various flexible support services tailoured to the individual needs of the customer.