Custom PC / Desktop Software Development -

successfully developing superior systems since 1996

Our core area of work involves designing and developing secure, robust, comprehensive, yet easy to use desktop PC applications. We have genuine passion for the work we do and take great pride in supplying software that does what the client wants with a minimum support requirement.

We develop systems ranging from simple business support tools to complex multi-user, multi-tier SQL server database applications. We use the most appropriate current technologies for the task, securing your investment in IT.

Key Bespoke Software Development and IT Solution Expertise:

  • Application development using Delphi 2010 Architech or Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Single and multi-tiered (client-server) database systems - using any of the following databases:
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, 6.5 or 7.0
    • Sybase Advantage Database Server
    • MySQL
    • Microsoft Access 2000 and later
    • Paradox
    • dBase
  • Development of OCS applications (occasionally connected solutions) in combination with the Microsoft Sync Framework enables the synchronising, roaming and sharing data on any platform, application or device.
    • Add synchronisation support to new and existing applications, services, and devices
    • Enable collaboration and offline capabilities for any application
    • Roam and share information from any data store, over any protocol, and over any network configuration
  • Database design and programming
  • Geographical Information Systems ( GIS ) / mapping software incorporating Global Positioning System ( GPS ) based technology
  • Custom controls and components programming
  • Designing intuitive Graphical User Interfaces
  • Engineering software solutions - interfacing with data loggers etc.
  • Business decision support and modelling systems
  • TAPI based communication software
  • Data reporting using SAP Crystal Reports and FastReportĀ® from a multitude of sources

Examples of some of the applications we have developed for our clients:

  • Comprehensive crop nutrient recommendation and legislation compliance application. This occasionally connected solution is installed on a fleet of PC notebooks and uses Microsoft SQL Server Compact as its local database. Synchronisation of core data is made between the local database and a corporate SQL server 2008 database using the Microsoft Sync Framework over a VPN connection
  • Create efficient cutting and packaging algorithms to reduce wastage in various complex manufacturing processes
  • Stock ordering/procurement automation routines for multi-dependency manufacturing and sales processes
  • Implementation of a TAPI based modem communication system enabling ordering of products using direct telephone connections
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Developing interfaces to GPS (Global Positioning System) devices
  • Complex multi-site, multi-zone stock management systems
  • Engineering software solutions - interfacing with data loggers etc.
  • Purchase and sales order processing
  • Bespoke reporting systems
  • Link custom built programs to Sage Line 50 and Sage Line 100 accountancy systems
  • Incorporating product pricing models within business systems
  • General bespoke invoicing modules
  • Contract farm management and invoicing
  • Complete traceability systems for farmers and agronomists
  • Business budgeting, profit or loss accounts
  • Import / export data between applications and devices
  • Livestock herd management