Database Development -

We have been designing and creating databases for over 15 years

We have a long history of designing databases from multiple vendors ranging in complexity from single table databases to those containing well over one hundred with many foreign key relationships and specialist requirements. The design of a database is fundimental to the success of any data driven application and ultimately affects overall business performance and profitablity.

Often a database is designed around solving a particular immediate data storage requirement and not enough time and thought is spent on factors which will affect system performance and integration in the future. This is where our experience and skills provide us with the necessary ability to design and develop any scale of database with the flexibility and efficiency that is required in today's demanding environment.

We Generally Design and Develop Software Solutions Using the Following  Database Platforms

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000, 6.5 or 7.0
  • Sybase Advantage Database Server
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Access 2000 and later
  • Paradox
  • dBase

Database Analysis and Planning

We are able to investigate the feasibility of a proposed project. We have gathered a wide range of experiences to enable us to quickly identify database requirements and know which database schemas are best suited for many given processes. We are skilled at keeping the costs of development down by adopting a thorough process of system analysis.

We understand how data driven software has a strategic importance to your organisation and your need for a significant rate of return on your company's investment in new technology.

We carefully involve key personnel from your organisation in the planning phase so that we get a full picture of current practices relating to existing systems (if applicable). We make a point of listening to and obtaining feedback from our clients' staff to ensure that the database we provide is what you want and will integrate seemlessly with other databases or applications within the business. The project planning can be as simple or as formal as required by your organisation and will be dependent on the level of complexity of the project.


From information sourced during the planning phase we can create a detailed schema and specification for each database. The collection of specifications act as a blueprint for the database system. All design proposals have to be agreed by your company before we would commence actual coding.

Development and Documentation

Using the design documents prepared by either yourself, ourselves or a 3rd party we instruct our development team to begin construction of the system. The degree of documentation is dependent on the level you require.


Depending on the complexity of the database and clients requirements we may carry out database unit testing. This is a structured process of automatically testing individual components of a database system such as stored procedures and triggers. This is carried out by our developers.


We always aim to make database installations as straight forward as possible.

Maintenance and Enhancement

At Thorogood Software Limited we look to creating a long term successful working relationship with all our clients. This can only be achieved by providing the right support package. We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer to our customers. We actively take part in customer arranged user group meetings from which system enhancements and action plans are constructed. We can also offer 24/7 telephone support to those customers that specifically request it.

Some of our current clients have been using us for over a decade and this underlines the satisfaction that our customers have with the range and quality of services and support we offer.