Data Conversion, Manipulation & Transfer -

We can help you make the most from your data

Data contained within a database is a very important corporate asset, analysis of data often can drive business processes. This information needs to be handled carefully and securely by people you can trust implicitly. We have many years of experience of manipulating, converting and transferring data from a multitude of sources. We take the time to carry out a risk assessment and plan for data recovery options accordingly.

Examples Of The Types of Data Related Work We Undertake

  • Import data into a database from external sources e.g. Excel spreadsheets, Extensible Markup Language (XML) or other database systems
  • Export data in various file formats including Excel spreadsheets, Comma-separated values (CSV), Microsoft Access Databases and XML
  • Transfer complete databases from one vendor to another, converting data as necessary
  • Provide tools and processes to transfer data to mobile devices or phones