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Consultancy -

Not sure what you need or thinking about purchasing a solution, we can help

Thorogood Software has gained a wealth of experience and technical skills from providing IT consultancy and developing commercial bespoke software solutions since 1996. Our thorough understanding of information technology coupled with strong analytical skills enables us to provide you with clear, "no nonsense" recommendations that will protect the future investments you make in any IT related project.

Whether we provide a consultancy service for a solution designed and developed by us or another company you can be rest assured that we will take the time to fully analyse your requirements and consider all your relevant IT systems, your business and its processes.

Our IT / Software Consultancy Service

The following outlines typical processes that we could undertake for a client:

  • Agree service terms and conditions
  • Understand relevant aspects of the customers business and work processes
    Information would be sourced from meetings with key personnel at the clients offices or from documention supplied by the client
  • Agree a clear set of customer requirements and objectives
    Update initial requirements as necessary using information obtained from previous meetings/correspondence, the details will be presented in a formal document to be agreed by all parties
  • System Analysis
    Analyse all pertinent current IT systems or new systems as required
  • Report findings and recommendations
    Following in-depth analysis, prepare and provide documentation for clients detailing outcomes from various studies. A meeting to present/discuss the results may take place if required

How are we different?

Our genuine passion, drive and commitment to designing and developing robust, attractive, secure, comprehensive yet easy to use software provide us with the necessary attributes to offer first rate IT advice and support.